Be Informed

“Thank you for your updates.  They are so incredibly helpful. I feel like we are attending a small private college”… Father of CU daughter, class of ’17.

The Office of Parent Relations (OPR) keeps parents and families informed so that they have answers when needed.  Maybe your student calls at 10:00 PM on a Sunday night with a problem, but is not necessarily calling to have you solve it.  Sometimes they are just looking for someone to listen.  A parent’s response could be  “That’s interesting.  What are you going to do about it?”  This is the type of reply that will give your student the tools to develop decision making and problem solving skills.  However, it is good for parents to have some general information about the university and campus life.  That is one of the many ways that Parent Relations can help you.

The OPR works with departments, news, policy changes, and parent issues across campus to be informed so parents are informed.  The OPR is a clearing house for parents and our number one priority is responding to parent questions quickly and accurately.

For more information on how the Office of Parent Relations communicates with parents, click here.

“I really appreciate the E-connection and I think your group is doing an excellent job keeping parents informed about what is going on at CU” ~  A CU Parent from Littleton, CO