Are parents notified if there is an alcohol problem?

While the University of Colorado at Boulder believes it is appropriate to create and maintain adult relationships with students, there are circumstances in which the university will seek and welcome parental involvement. This may help combat the serious issues related to substance abuse and safety for students who are under the age of 21.

University staff may notify parents* when:

  • One action, or an ongoing pattern of behavior by your student, represents an imminent risk to the health, safety, or welfare of the student or other members of the campus community.
  • When we are aware that the student’s alcohol or drug-related condition requires emergency medical care.
  • If a student faces the possibility of suspension or expulsion because of violations of behavioral standards that may be repeated.

* At the permanent home address provided to the university, and as allowed by the 1998 FERPA (or the Buckley Amendment).

If, after you are contacted by the university, you wish to talk with someone at greater length about the incident involving your student, the Office of Judicial Affairs staff will only discuss your student’s record as it relates to alcohol, drugs, or violence. Cases that do not involve alcohol, drugs, or represent an imminent risk to health or safety cannot be discussed without the student’s expressed written consent.