How does my student go about finding a job?

Job postings for on- and off-campus employment may only be viewed by enrolled CU-Boulder students on MyCUinfo under the Student Employment tab. CU also offers a computerized job match service. Students who fill out and turn in a job match application will receive a printout listing all the jobs in the student employment database that match that student’s qualifications and interests. The processing time for these applications is quick, so printouts can be picked up right away, but keep in mind that jobs are updated nightly so students will want to contact the employers on the printout as soon as possible or the job may be filled by the time they contact the employer.

Finally, an on-call employment referral service is available for students who want to earn extra money doing odd jobs for community employers. Students who apply for this service indicate the types of work they’d like to do, and then these students’ names and phone numbers are placed on an e-mail distribution list. When an employer calls the student employment office looking for temporary help, the office will e-mail a student the employer’s job information, and the student will then contact the employer. The types of work include clerical/computer, general labor, and child care.