How does my student obtain in-state tuition status?

The tuition classification officer determines if students should have in-state or out-of-state tuition. A student’s initial tuition classification is determined from information they supply on their application for admission to the university. The student may file a petition if he/she wishes to contest out-of-state classification status or if they become eligible for in-state status.

The first step is to review the Tuition Classification Regulations to see if the student is eligible for in-state tuition status. Once that is complete, the student should apply/petition for in-state tuition based upon his/her status:

  • New students will complete the Tuition Classification portion of their Application for Admission.
  • Continuing students should submit a petition using the Petition Packet.
  • Former students who attended CU-Boulder within the last three years should also submit a petition using the Petition Packet.
  • Finally, former students who attended CU-Boulder more than three years ago should complete the Tuition Classification section of the Application for Admission.

If the Tuition Classification Officer denies the student’s petition, they can appeal to the University Tuition Classification Review Board.

For additional information, contact the Tuition Classification Officer at 303-492-0907 or via e-mail at