What types of scholarships are distributed at CU-Boulder?

The financial aid office at CU-Boulder distributes about $12 million of scholarship aid each year. These scholarships are from both institutional and private sources.

Institutional Scholarships:

Institutional scholarships are provided to the university by the state of Colorado or by gifts from corporations, foundations, and individual donors. The donors specify the award criteria but the selection of recipients is made by the appropriate college, school, or department within CU-Boulder. Scholarships that are created through donations vary widely in their eligibility criteria. CU-Boulder scholarships for incoming freshmen and transfer students can be found on the CU Scholarship Services website. Graduate students should contact their respective academic departments for fellowship and grant opportunities.

Private Scholarships:

Private Scholarships are scholarships provided by organizations outside of the university such as Elks, Rotary, local high schools, national organizations, etc. Your student applies directly to the organization sponsoring the scholarship. The organization then selects the recipient(s) and sends the funds to the university to apply to your student’s bill.