Where can my student look for scholarships?

For CU-Boulder scholarships awarded by the Office of Financial Aid, students apply online through the scholarships page. Individual scholarship programs may require a different application available from the appropriate college, school, or department. Read the scholarship program information carefully for eligibility requirements and specific application procedures.

Check bulletin boards maintained by academic departments and high school counselors for notices of institutional scholarships that may be too new to be included in the guide listed above. Notices of private scholarships from local and national donors may also be posted on these bulletin boards. The Financial Aid Office website has sufficient information on scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Other Sources:

  • The Financial Aid Office’s additional scholarship opportunities page
  • High school guidance counselors
  • Local public or university libraries
  • Local service, community, or church organizations
  • Local businesses
  • Parents’ employers
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Television and radio
  • Scholarship searches
  • Consumer products (Tylenol, Coca Cola, etc.)
  • Ask friends, parents, teachers, counselors, family members to look out for scholarships