What is FERPA and how does it affect me? How can I view my student’s grades?

FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. FERPA deals specifically with the education records of students, affording them certain rights with respect to those records. At the post-secondary level, parents have no inherent right to access the student’s education records. The right to access these records is limited solely to the student with two exceptions—by submission of evidence that the parents declare the student as a dependent on their most recent Federal Income Tax return (according to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, Section 152), or with the student’s written permission. If your student signs a FERPA release form, the Registrar’s Office can release certain information to you. Your student can sign a FERPA form in either the Registrar’s Office or the Bursar’s Office. The student must do this in person and must present a valid form of ID for either office to accept the form.

Once the FERPA release is complete, here are the steps to request your student’s transcript.  Transcripts contain only semester end grades.

  • On the FERPA release form the requester is asked to provide a FERPA password.  If student creates the password, it must be shared with the parent.
  • Parent can then go to http://www.colorado.edu/transcripts, click on “more information” under Standard Transcript, click on “Transcript Order Form.pdf”
  • Print out and complete form.
  • Write a letter including the FERPA password requesting your student’s transcript.
  • Attach the completed form to the letter and a check if necessary to cover the cost of the transcript (delivery via USPS mail is free)
  • Request can then be:
  • Mailed to Office of the Registrar, 68 UCB, Boulder, CO  80309
  • OR Faxed to Office of the Registrar at 303-492-4884
  • OR deliver request to the Office of the Registrar located in Regent Administration Building, 2nd floor.

This information was updated January 25, 2013