I would like to mail something to my student in the residence halls, how do I address it?

The UPS Store has contracted with the University to provide mail service for students. Please contact The UPS directly for any questions at 303-442-2601 or email at store6439@theupsstore.com.

Here is the format for mailing letters/packages to your student in the residence halls:

(Student’s Name)
(Box Number ONLY) (Hall Name)
Street Address
Boulder, CO 80310

For all residence hall mailing addresses, CLICK HERE.

Helpful Tips:

  • Mail and packages MUST HAVE THE STUDENT NAME (for security purposes a matching name to mailbox is required for delivery).
  • Do not use the words “P.O. Box” on the second line, the mailbox is not considered a P.O. Box.
  • Always be sure to keep record of tracking information for your student.  Inquiries require tracking information.
  • Always use the hall name in the address.
  • Delays and returns can and do occur if a mailing address is incorrect or incomplete.

For example:

John Smith
7354 Aden
2320 Libby Drive
Boulder, CO 80310

Regular mail, standard packages, overnight express packages, flowers, cakes, etc. are ALL delivered to their respective The UPS Store delivery locations. (Kittredge Store, Cheyenne, Sewell, or WillVill) Students will be notified two ways about package pickup. They will receive a notification slip in their mailbox, in addition to an e-mail notification.

Shipping Belongings
No packages should be shipped for arrival prior to August 7th. Packages arriving between Aug 7th-Aug 20th must be shipped using The UPS Store Home2Home program. Please contact The UPS Store directly at (303) 442-2601 x101
or visit their website for additional questions at store6439@theupsstore.com.