From the Office of the Chancellor expressing gratitude to our veterans

“As we look forward to Veterans Day on Sunday, I encourage you to take a moment and consider the debt of gratitude we owe our veterans. Without their service and dedication to our nation, our freedom and liberties would not be as secure as they are today. The adage that “freedom isn’t free” is so true and it’s our veterans who have paid the highest price for that freedom”.

“We take this time to acknowledge and express gratitude for the sacrifices of those still serving and those who have served so gallantly and selflessly in our armed forces. We can each take a moment this weekend to reflect on how much we owe the silent heroes in our midst and reach out and thank a veteran for this outstanding service. The University of Colorado Boulder joins the nation on this one day of the year our country has set aside to honor our veterans and acknowledge the legacy of their steadfast defense of our American ideals, principles, and liberties”.

Philip P. DiStefano
University of Colorado Boulder