12 Month Housing Available on Campus Fall ’13

Beginning in fall 2013, Willard Hall will introduce 10- and 12-month contracts, meaning that students can stay on campus all year round. These contracts are perfect for transfer and international students looking for housing options over break periods. The hall also will continue to offer traditional 9-month contracts.

The 10- and 12-month leases will allow students to stay in their rooms during winter and summer breaks- even when class isn’t in session. Residence Life will provide additional programs for students choosing to live on-campus year round. Ideas include a “Colorado Exploration” theme which will offer hiking, rafting and trips to Colorado landmarks. Additionally, more residence advisors will be hired to support students over break periods and link residents to resources. Dining Services also will make changes to its schedule and will be open more frequently to accommodate students living on campus for 10 or 12 months.

Email reservations@colorado.edu to request more information and cost.