CU Introduces New BA in Computer Science

Recognizing that modern computing is a highly interdisciplinary activity and responding to employers’ demands for graduates skilled in this area, the Department of Computer Science has developed a new degree that will extend computer science education to students in CU’s College of Arts and Sciences.

This new CU Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science aims to attract students with intellectual interests in diverse areas including geology, linguistics, biology, physics, communication, and the fine arts. Students in the new degree program will take several of the same computing classes that our students pursuing a BS degree would take, but will be able to augment their education with arts and science courses and develop the interdisciplinary skills needed to fill computing jobs in a wide variety of industrial and governmental settings.

“These graduates will be attractive to technology companies because the task of software-product development requires more than just workers skilled at programming, but also requires workers skilled in psychology, communication, business, quality assurance, etc.,” said Ken Anderson, associate chair of the CS department.

The new degree program meshes well with the recent growth of our CS faculty and its broadening research and teaching efforts. Many of our faculty members have strong interests in areas that were once considered outside the purview of academic computer science, including medical informatics, 3D modeling animation for gaming and entertainment, social media, educational technology, and molecular biology. When the first BA majors sign up in the fall of 2013, they will be greeted by a faculty that is enthusiastic about this broadening of our student body.