Planning on Sending Your Student a Package in the Residence Halls?

If you are planning on sending your student a package in the residence halls, it is important to read over these instructions to ensure your package gets delivered.  The correct format to the mailing address for a package or letter is:

  • Your student’s name
  • Their BOX number (4 digits and hall name – make sure you are NOT using their room number)
  • The hall’s address
  • The hall-specific zip code.

Your student and parents should have received move-in and mailing information (including their mail box number) via email sent on July 20st or 21nd.   Residence Hall addresses and zip codes can be found  BY CLICKING HERE. When addressing the mail to your student, it should look similar to this:

Your Student’s Name
9177 Willard Hall
(This is their mail box number plus hall name, NOT their room number)
2200 Willard Loop Drive
Boulder, CO. 80310-0024