How can my student get to Denver International Airport (DIA) and back to campus during breaks?

There are several great options that students can use to get to DIA and back to campus during breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, or Summer Break):

  • The least expensive option is the RTD SkyRide.  This bus (use route AB) departs from CU each hour…no reservations are necessary.  Currently, the bus departure points closest to CU are at Broadway and 16th.  Returning to CU after break the closest stop is at the intersection of Broadway and Euclid (across from the UMC). It takes about an hour to get to DIA.  The SkyRide is free for students using their ECO Pass.
  • Your student can also reserve a Super Shuttle which is a bit more expensive and reservations/booking is done on-line.  The student discount code is “Buffs”—using this code can save you a few bucks!
  • The final option is Green Ride Boulder.   Again, this is more expensive than RTD SkyRide but it’s a good option and reservations/booking  can be made on-line.